[TYPO3] Certain section internal link appear in pop up window

rocky rockyo at max-source.com
Wed Mar 29 04:35:00 CEST 2006

Hey List,

I need to make the internal links(something like the menu type of links 
NOT the links I created under web>page>content module) in a certain 
section direct the visitors to a pop up window.

Section A
Section B
    link B1
    link B2
Section C
    link C1
    link C2

Let's say the links in section B will take the visitor to pop up window 
upon click on it, But all the other section's link will remain in the 
same window.

I'm think of aplying a EXT template to section B but I do not know which 
typoscript should I use. Or maybe another way to achieve this is using 
TSconfig. If anyone could give me some hints, I would really appreciate it?

Thanks a ton in advance!


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