[TYPO3] misbehaving urls with different domains (t3 3.8.0): bug or feature?

Claus Faber claus.faber at attac.at
Mon Mar 27 12:09:57 CEST 2006

Hello List,

After a lot of TSref-ing and goog'ling, I still don't know if this is a 
bug of a feature:

- I use typo3 3.8.0.
- I have more than one domain in my typo3 tree, each with a domain 
record on its root page.
- To make inter-domain links work, I have...

config.typolinkCheckRootline = 1

... in all root template setup fields.

Links work reasonably well with htmlarea RTE (the editor forgets 
"index.php", making urls like "http://www.attac.at/?id=233", which 
means that we have to add another rewrite rule to the apache 

But links don't work with the content element "menu of specific pages": 
If I mix pages from different domains in the list, I don't get the 
right domains.

Am I doing anything wrong?

Any way to correct this?



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