[TYPO3] macina_searchbox extention custemization

rocky rockyo at max-source.com
Thu Mar 23 10:31:46 CET 2006

rocky wrote:
> Hey
> I've installed macina_searchbox extention and it functions ok. But I do 
> not know how to customize the following:
> Instead of a submit button I saw a graphic icon at the screen shot 
> section of the online manual. I want to have the same feature How can I 
> do that? Right now it shows a submit button not a graphic button on my 
> local machine.
> I want to put a graphic preceding the text input field. Do I need to 
> alter the template html or can I twik some PHP file?
> If you could give me any hints, I would really appreciate it?
> Rocky
Well...already solved by alter the template.htm file

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