[TYPO3] rlmp_eventdb where to subscribe to event?

Jacob Hammeken jacob at wildside.dk
Wed Mar 22 12:44:45 CET 2006

Hi Pablo.

You wrote:
> Everybody is using the rlmp events extension, but _nobody_ is able to
> tell me how I ca subscribe to an event?

Events can be rendered in two different ways, either using a default layout 
with hardcoded HTML in the source, or as a Flexible Content Element. I have 
looked at the source (renderEventSingleDefaultScreen and 
renderEventSingleCustomScreen), and it appears the option to register is only 
shown if you use the latter. The documentation is a bit sparse, but this 
means you have to install TemplaVoila, create a Template Object using the 
DataStructure "Static: FCE - Event DB - Single View", map the fields and 
create such a FCE content element somewhere. Then you have to select that 
element in events where registration should be possible, at the bottom of the 
General tab in the flexform, I think.

Unfortunately, the FCE rendering option does not seem to work with TYPO3 4.0 
beta2 and TemplaVoila 0.6. The extension seems to hang when the following 
line is executed after userfunctions call init(), and eventually I get a 
blank page. I am not sure whether it is a bug or not.

$templateParserObj->runThroughTemplates ($rootLine);


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