[TYPO3] Front End User Registation and customizing country list

John Nicholas typo3user at mobosplash.com
Tue Mar 21 21:25:07 CET 2006

John Nicholas wrote:
> I am customizing the Front End User Registration (sr_feuser_register) 
> and would like the Country list to default to United States with the 
> States list ready to go.
> Eventually I would probably like to pare the Country list down to where 
> the client actually has customers. Any advice is appreciated.
> Thanks,
> John

I have found that

plugin.tx_srstaticinfo_pi1.countryCode = USA

in Constants will set the state list properly but the Country still says 
"Outlying Oceania"

I actually have set these right now.

plugin.tx_srstaticinfo_pi1 {
    currencyCode = USD
    countryCode = USA
    countryZoneCode = USA
    languageCode = EN

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