[TYPO3] Creating a big community

Andreas Balzer eMail at andreas-balzer.de
Tue Mar 21 19:47:07 CET 2006

I have to set up a big (really big) community (CHC-Forum and profiles). 
  Seperated into regional, national, and international groups by year.
For example:
I have to set up an international group mep07 (Let's call it mep07int). 
This group has to be seperated into

There are round about 20 different national groups. Each national group 
can have regional groups. From 1 to 20.
So there is

Ok.. Every regional group has 7 normal members, and 2 moderators OR 15 
normal members and 2 moderators.

So if we think about Germany, we have 16 regional groups. Each has 7 
normal members and 2 moderators.
In the national group, we have round about 112 normal users,   32 
moderators and rund about 50 extra moderators.

The 50 extra moderators should have an own board, so that they can 
access pages, that the others can't access.
The regional users of MEP07GERBerlin should not be able to access the 
board of MEP07GERThueringia. (And also not the other way round)
The extra moderators should not be able to access regional groups, 
except, they are in a regional group too.

Ok... So we defined the rules of regional and national criss cross user 
What we have to add is, that All of the regional users should be able to 
access the national boards.

Ok.. Some of the users of the national group (round about 20) should be 
able to access the international group, AFTER one of the extra 
moderators of the national group added him the rights to do this.
A user from national group A should not be able to access groups from 
national group A, or their subgroups..

Ok.. Finally: Some of the international users should be able (after one 
of the extra moderators from national or international group or one of 
the regional moderators from mep[currentyear+1] (mep08)) added him the 

Ok.. Last but not least: Everything should be done with Typo3 and FE 
user editing.

Question: How can i do this, most wanted for free?

I'm really frustrated. Thanks for any help.

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