[TYPO3] PHP_SCRIPT_EXT: $GLOBALS[TSFE]->page[abstract] kills page rendering

Claus Faber claus.faber at attac.at
Tue Mar 21 21:57:01 CET 2006

Hello list,

I have a weird problem:

- I use typo3 3.8.0.

- I include a PHP_SCRIPT_EXT via TS.

- the script calls the variable $GLOBALS[TSFE]->page[abstract]. It does 
not even output anything, it just says:

$abstract = $GLOBALS[TSFE]->page[abstract];

... and it crashes the whole page rendering process. The script and 
everything afterwards is not rendered.

The weird thing is:

$GLOBALS[TSFE]->page[title] or $GLOBALS[TSFE]->page[uid] works 
perfectly. I have tried the output of $GLOBALS[TSFE]->page: the array 
item "abstract" is THERE and it HAS a value. I can't call it.

No, the script does not have any php syntax errors, I have checked it. 
I added a comment (//) at the beginning of the line above, and it works 
perfectly. Without, it crashes.

Do you have any idea why? Bug or feature? I pledge a bottle of decent 
wine to a solution...

Thanks, Claus

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