[TYPO3] Typo3 limits ?

tapio tapio.markula at dnainternet.net
Sat Mar 18 17:42:32 CET 2006

Patrick Gaumond wrote:
> Elmar Hinz wrote:
>> delaforet schrieb:
>>> Hello Tapio !

> Let's not forget great work by Sebastian with ACLs !
> http://typo3.org/extensions/repository/search/be_acl/1.3.0/
> This is very flexible.
> Patrick

Yes - that is very useful concerning access control for pages.
BUT if you want to conrol individual elements, you need 'tm_contentaccess'
Unfortunately I don't have skills to create a module for it.
When you work without module it is easy to forget what content elements 
have exact access control.
Any ideas to create a module for ACL for individual content elements.

BTW. I would like to add also 'categorization' as new option to the
'Web > Info' module but I don't figure any way to do that.

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