[TYPO3] preventing extension from renaming a file upload

JoH info at cybercraft.de
Sat Mar 18 00:17:15 CET 2006

>>> I have a fairly simple extension that allows a user to select a file
>>> from within the fileadmin folder. It then automatically copies to
>>> the uploads/extension_name folder and if there is another image
>>> there with the same name it renames it with a _0x.
>>> The way this extension works, I want to keep whatever name is
>>> selected. How do I make it either overwrite the image in uploads or
>>> even better, not bother to copy it at all?
>> Use DAM
> I probably wasn't being clear enough. The upload/rename is only part
> of the extension. It also has a front-end component that generates XML
> lists of the images with other data that is then used by a flash
> piece. That all works fine but I just want selections with the same
> filename to maintain that filename rather than rename it.

This is why I told you to use DAM.
You must enable your extension to get files with DAM rather than using the
default method which is copying the files to one uploads folder.
Have a look at the other extensions in the search result of the link I
posted to find out how their developers did it.


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