[TYPO3] preventing extension from renaming a file upload

John Nicholas typo3user at mobosplash.com
Fri Mar 17 23:54:32 CET 2006

JoH wrote:
>> I have a fairly simple extension that allows a user to select a file
>> from within the fileadmin folder. It then automatically copies to the
>> uploads/extension_name folder and if there is another image there with
>> the same name it renames it with a _0x.
>> The way this extension works, I want to keep whatever name is
>> selected. How do I make it either overwrite the image in uploads or
>> even better, not bother to copy it at all?
> Use DAM
> http://typo3.org/extensions/repository/?tx_terfe_pi1%5Bview%5D=search&no_cache=1&tx_terfe_pi1%5Bsword%5D=dam
> Joey

I probably wasn't being clear enough. The upload/rename is only part of 
the extension. It also has a front-end component that generates XML 
lists of the images with other data that is then used by a flash piece. 
That all works fine but I just want selections with the same filename to 
maintain that filename rather than rename it.

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