[TYPO3] [Typo3] Indexed Search : result pages links not functioning

W van Bruggen w.van.bruggen at gmail.com
Thu Mar 16 10:43:59 CET 2006

Hello list,

I'm having a difficult time getting indexed search 1.2.8 working
properly in Typo 3.7. Indexing is working fine, i'm getting results
back when i search and have configured all css bits. The only problem
that keeps persisting is that the links to the further result pages
('Page 1 Page 2 etc') do not function properly and drops back a
JavaScript error :

Error: document.tx_indexedsearch['tx_indexedsearch[pointer]'] has no properties
Source File: http://thesite.nl/typo/index.php?id=60
Line: 1

Looking at the source of the resultspage, the values are set for these
links but somewhere it goes all bogus on me. I've searched the list
for this problem, but haven't any solution for it. Ideas?

Wietse van Bruggen

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