[TYPO3] pdf generator doesn't play nice with css driventemplates ??

Bartosz Aninowski bart at sonik.pl
Wed Mar 15 11:19:30 CET 2006

>Htmldoc does indeed not work with CSS. It is however an easy tool to use
>and there are few (non as far as I know) free alternatives that are
>better. You could use a different template for the PDF generation (using
>the print page for example). This way you can have a good, validating
>template with CSS for your website and still be able to generate PDFs.

Yes but if you are using typo3-4rc1 there is pure css code with no table.
Even if I use different template for print/pdf there is no way to render 
text/w image wihin table.
Pdf looks ugly.
Htmldoc 1.9 probably works with css. 

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