[TYPO3] Oh! the humanity ! [Joomla/Mambo]

S. Teuber traveler_in_time at gmx.net
Tue Mar 14 15:01:58 CET 2006

Hi "stinky wizzleteet",

please respect the mailinglist rules that ask you to use your real name 
when posting.

> People, what magic can I do to speed up Typo3 ?

Try using a PHP Accelerator. You can search the mailinglists for some
reports on experiences which one works best with TYPO3.

> 2: templates are abundant, but crap, usually table based. The good 
> templates need to be paid for.  However, designing your own is way less 
> of a pain than typo3, admittantly, templavoila is offering more leverage 
> for this issue.

"Designing" an own template involves dealing with HTML and CSS. If you are 
good at that, setting up any template with TYPO3 is very easy (just set 
some markers and fill them with content using some TypoScript - you'll find 
*lots* of ready-made MENU and content script snippets around). My personal 
opinion is that the very old but powerful put-markers-in-your-HTML-approach 
is even simpler than using TemplaVoila.


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