[TYPO3] Oh! the humanity ! [Joomla/Mambo]

stinky wizzleteet wizzleteet at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 14 16:57:30 CET 2006

Dear Sven,

I just did install eAccellerator,
boy what a difference !
I think I will stick to typo3
It's just more hardcore.

wzzl / sander

btw 'stinky wizzleteet' is a ren&stimpy reference I started using in '98 
when I found out that my real name had ended up on every spamlist 
Usenet is not really a safe place for your identity.

S. Teuber wrote:
> Hi "stinky wizzleteet",
> please respect the mailinglist rules that ask you to use your real name 
> when posting.
>> People, what magic can I do to speed up Typo3 ?
> Try using a PHP Accelerator. You can search the mailinglists for some
> reports on experiences which one works best with TYPO3.
>> 2: templates are abundant, but crap, usually table based. The good 
>> templates need to be paid for.  However, designing your own is way less 
>> of a pain than typo3, admittantly, templavoila is offering more leverage 
>> for this issue.
> "Designing" an own template involves dealing with HTML and CSS. If you are 
> good at that, setting up any template with TYPO3 is very easy (just set 
> some markers and fill them with content using some TypoScript - you'll find 
> *lots* of ready-made MENU and content script snippets around). My personal 
> opinion is that the very old but powerful put-markers-in-your-HTML-approach 
> is even simpler than using TemplaVoila.
> Sven

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