[TYPO3] FTB / TV issues

Steve Webster steviewebsite at msn.com
Mon Mar 13 01:20:15 CET 2006

Andrew Hill wrote:
 > actually - item 2) was a result of not emptying cache.
 > now i have a Page(tv) and TemplaVoila item in my menu.
 > the weird thing is - clicking on a page in the tree with the Page(tv)
 > selected, i see the two content fields i created in the TV mapping -
 > but they dont seem to be editable.
 > is this a T3 4.0 bug?
 > best,
 > andrew

It may be down to your template design/mapping, I've not heard of any 
such bug but I could be wrong.  What type of element did you define the 
two regions as when poerforming the mapping process?

In terms of your orignal #1 problem, your CSS style sheets can be 
included by selecting the "Select HTML header parts" check-box from the 
"update mappings" window.



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