[TYPO3] TS: Supply minW/minH with a value from a register

JoH info at cybercraft.de
Sun Mar 12 18:07:27 CET 2006

> The fact that some of the TS object props allow for stdWrap
> properties and others do not seems to be absolutely arbitrary and it
> will pose more and more problems as tiled TemplaVoila designs are a
> quickly spreading concept.
> As an example I have attached a screenshot ...
> (Kachelung.png  -
> http://bugs.typo3.org/file_download.php?file_id=1211&type=bug  )
> ...of a TV based Typo3 design that completely abandons the concept of
> column based design in favour of a tile based approach. TV can handle
> such concepts quite well meanwhile.
> In my example all tiles are based on one universal FCE that allows
> for a very elegant handling of the tiles. It allows to create tiles
> with different widths and heights, background colors and background
> images.

Are these widths and heigts completely variable and taken from a text input
by the user or are they taken from a fixed list of possible values in a
I need to know this to think about a possible solution for your problem.

> But when you try to put this concept to work in Typo3, TS lets you
> run into one dead end after the other, because it is often not
> possible to fill in dynamic size and color attributes for various
> elements that are needed for these tiles.
> In times of column based design this was acceptable, as most of the
> props (widths, heights, colors,...) needed for GIFBUILDER and other
> objects in the columns had fixed values. But meanwhile this is
> changing rapidly, as my example demonstrates.

You are completely right with what you say about modern layout techniques,
but I really don't see, where these rely on stdWrap fatures for the
Even though I have to admit that I would like to see the whole stdWrap
concept refactored.

1. maxWidth for GIFBUILDER itself forces the size of the image to a maximum
width but it has no effect on the length of any object inside this
So this won't help to make the lines of a text field fit this maxWidth!
2. maxWidth for TEXT objects inside a GIFBUILDER reduces the font size until
the longest line of a text field fits the overall width of the GIFBUILDER
In principle this is cool, but this still leaves a lot of problems, since
the line might be very long and thus reduced to an unreadable font size.
3. usually those GIFBUILDER images should be used as background images for
<hx>-Tags to make them available in a semantically correct way for
screenreaders and textbrowsers. These elements are sized using CSS
regardless of the real size of the image that is used as a background.

Keeping these 3 facts in mind it would not help anyway having a dynamic
value for maxWidth available (be it for GIFBUILDER or TEXT), since the
editors would always be responsible for writing a text that fits the size of
the available header element in a readable way. As far as I can see there is
only one font size available in your layout, which means that 2 is no option
here, making things even worse, since the editors would have to do even more
trial & error work.
Since the problem can't be solved without manual modifications by the
editors in any case IMHO it is no real blocker if maxWidth can't be assigned
The rest is just a problem of properly setup CSS sizes, but these don't rely
on stdWrap anyway.


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