[TYPO3] displaying in sitemap elements that are hidden in menu

racco raczek at open.infi.pl
Sun Mar 12 16:47:12 CET 2006

Surer Dink napisał(a):
> On 3/11/06, racco <raczek at open.infi.pl> wrote:
>> Hello!
>> Is it actually possible to display in sitemap or navigation path site
>> that is either Hide in menu or Not in menu type?
> don't know if this is actually useful or not - but I did run accross
> the following in the hmenu docs...  and I assume sitemap is somehow
> related to hmenu:
> includeNotInMenu
> boolean
> If set, pages with type "Not in menu" will be included in menus.


That's a cool solution.



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