[TYPO3] ATagTitle output -> " instead of "

stem stema at web.de
Fri Mar 10 11:53:41 CET 2006

hi peter,

thanks for this hint.
unfortunately, i don't get it working for me...

that's the code i've added to my menu:
NO {
     userFunc = user_userFunc->addAttributes
     userFunc.aTagParams.dataWrap = onClick="window(this.href,500,500); 
return false;"
     userFunc.aTagParams.dataWrap.if {
             value = site
             isInList.field = title

what have i done wrong?

thanks a lot

Peter Klein wrote:
> Hi stem??, Try taking a look at this codesnippet.
> http://www.typo3wizard.com/en/snippets/cool-stuff-typoscript/stdwrap-support-fuer-typolink-atagparams.html
> This should solve your problems.. ;)

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