[TYPO3] if... else in typo script for forceTypeValue, target and ATagParams in menu

JoH info at cybercraft.de
Wed Mar 8 08:32:41 CET 2006

> after your great help i've already got the wrapping depending on the
> title of a menu item running...
> since this is possible i'm wondering, if one could also realize to set
> forceTypeValue, target and ATagParams depending on the title of a menu
> item...
> it should be something like this:
> forceTypeValue = 1
> forceTypeValue.if {
>        value = M,I,A,N,?
>        isInList.field = title
>     }
> NO.ATagParams = onClick="fenster(this.href,500,500); return false;"
> NO.ATagParams.if {
>        value = M,I,A,N,?
>        isInList.field = title
>     }
> i think it's quite tricky. it would be great to get some help :)

It doesn't make sense to change forceTypeValue this way since it is part of
Thus it would change based on the values of the current page and not on
those of the menuitem.
Since forceTypeValue hasn't got stdWrap properties it won't work anyway.

onClick could be realised with a trick. Use ATagTitle instead, since this
Parameter has got stdWrap properties.
Fill in title _and_ onClick there.

NO {
    ATagTitle.cObject = COA
    ATagTitle.cObject {
        10 = TEXT
        10.field = title
        20 = TEXT
        20.value = " onClick="fenster(this.href,500,500); return false
        20.if {
            value = M,I,A,N,?
            isInList.field = title

With the first quote you close the opening quote inserted by ATagTitle.
Then you open another parameter with onClick=" that will be closed again by

And since you are already using JavaScript to open the URL you could simply
add &type=1 inside your opening script.



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