[TYPO3] if... else in typo script for forceTypeValue, target and ATagParams in menu

stem stema at web.de
Tue Mar 7 21:42:39 CET 2006


after your great help i've already got the wrapping depending on the 
title of a menu item running...

since this is possible i'm wondering, if one could also realize to set 
forceTypeValue, target and ATagParams depending on the title of a menu 

it should be something like this:
forceTypeValue = 1
forceTypeValue.if {
       value = M,I,A,N,?
       isInList.field = title
NO.ATagParams = onClick="fenster(this.href,500,500); return false;"
NO.ATagParams.if {
       value = M,I,A,N,?
       isInList.field = title

i think it's quite tricky. it would be great to get some help :)


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