[TYPO3] Gallery2

Andreas Balzer newslist at andreas-balzer.de
Mon Mar 6 19:13:38 CET 2006

Ernesto Baschny [cron IT] schrieb:
> On 03.03.2006 21:44, Andreas Balzer wrote:
>> It would be very useful, if it's possible to display an image in Typo3
>> that was uploaded in G2. Because at the moment you have to upload an
>> image twice to display it...
> What do you mean with "display an image in TYPO3"? Do you want to
> display Gallery2-images in your TYPO3 content elements? Why do you need
> G2 then? Do you use the gallery in paralell to the TYPO3 content?
You guessed it.
Yes, i have G2 and Typo3 on one server. G2 as the best gallery tool i 
know and Typo3 as the best cms i know. G2 is not able to manage such big 
content databases and Typo3 does not have a good gallery...

And yes.. ..I want to display images i have uploaded to my gallery in my 
Typo3 content elements (without uploading it twice)

>> A button in the RTE choose image wizard would be really nice.
> I would prefer to integrate G2 with DAM somehow, if this is the
> intention. But this sounds like a very complex endeavour.
I tried DAM some months ago (don't know how far they are now), but when 
i tried it, i did not find any Typo3 gallery which was able to do 1% of 
that what G2 does..


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