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Jan Bidner jan.bidner at ladok.umu.se
Thu Mar 2 14:58:33 CET 2006

Beloved list,
I'm trying to automatize the output of who's responsible for the page.
I have a SELECT-issue in my typoscripting that I'd love to have sorted out.
My SETUP code goes like this:
# Page Author:
subparts.pageauthor = TEXT
subparts.pageauthor {
data= page:perms_userid
if.isTrue.data = page:perms_userid
wrap = Responsible for page:  |
In my template I added the tag:
<div id="pageauthor"></div>
This outputs in the f.ex: "Responsible for page: 2"  (where the number is
selected from the table "PAGES" and the column "perms_userid" which relates
to "BE_USERS" table who has owner permissions for the page.)
What I want to do is to do a SELECT query to get the value of the column
realName from table "BE_users" (like this: SELECT 'realName' FROM 'BE_USERS'
WHERE 'BE_USERS.uid'='PAGES.perms_userid').
Anyone with a suggestion how to do this in typoscript?
All suggestions are appreciated!

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