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Adam Jenkins emperorcezar at gmail.com
Wed Mar 1 18:09:59 CET 2006

I have to agree. The new site has some major problems. I keep having issues
of dead links and have to refer to a google cache of a page I want.

On 3/1/06, Mike Meir <mike at gateseven.co.uk> wrote:
> Hi
> I've spent the day struggling with various issues, and finding typo3.org
> no longer helpful.
> http://typo3.org/documentation/document-library/extension-manuals/ leads
> to a page which keeps trying to generate itself, apparently forever,
> through sideways approaches to it generate a full list od extensions.
> For example, the indexed search engine does get you to the index page
> for extension manuals, but not, sadly, to the manual you are looking
> for, itself, and the search engine doesn't give a clue which specific
> extension manual (of over a thousand) is being referred to.
> The wiki now seems full of links which do not link to anything.
> Apparently to install typo3 you now have to be French, unless you can
> guess that an installation manual is actually an extension. But even if
> you do, you can no longer download the manual, you have to refer to it
> on line
> Is there any way that the old typo3.org can be reinstated for the time
> being? Maybe with a different url? (luddite.typo3.org?) It had its
> faults, but at least you could find what you needed most of the time,
> and you could download manuals.
> Best Wishes
> Mike Meir
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