[TYPO3] typo3.org

Mike Meir mike at gateseven.co.uk
Wed Mar 1 17:41:25 CET 2006


I've spent the day struggling with various issues, and finding typo3.org
no longer helpful.

http://typo3.org/documentation/document-library/extension-manuals/ leads
to a page which keeps trying to generate itself, apparently forever,
through sideways approaches to it generate a full list od extensions.

For example, the indexed search engine does get you to the index page
for extension manuals, but not, sadly, to the manual you are looking
for, itself, and the search engine doesn't give a clue which specific
extension manual (of over a thousand) is being referred to.

The wiki now seems full of links which do not link to anything.

Apparently to install typo3 you now have to be French, unless you can
guess that an installation manual is actually an extension. But even if
you do, you can no longer download the manual, you have to refer to it
on line

Is there any way that the old typo3.org can be reinstated for the time
being? Maybe with a different url? (luddite.typo3.org?) It had its
faults, but at least you could find what you needed most of the time,
and you could download manuals.

Best Wishes

Mike Meir

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