[TYPO3] Problem with login box and page forward

Denis Royer denis.royer at m-lehrstuhl.de
Wed Mar 1 14:01:23 CET 2006


We got the following problem with our website: We have a restricted
section, which is used by our clients (using the "Better login Box").
>From time to time we are mailing out links to pages, which are placed
into the restricted section of the webpage. So far so bad...

If people click on the links, they are forwarded to the login page, so
they can login. However, once they are logged-in, they are not forwarded
to the requested page (from the email), but to the main page of the
restricted part of the website (the page where the login box is placed

Is there a way to forward the users to the requested page, after they
have logged in?

Thanks in advance :-)

Best regards

Denis Royer

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