[TYPO3] Reference multiple checkbox fields (TS)

Joseph Toon joe at geckohost.com
Tue Jul 25 17:24:49 CEST 2006

How can I reference individual values of an array in TS?

I have a multiple checkbox field in the pages table but I am unsure how to
reference particular boxes:

  10 = TEXT
  10 {
   if.isTrue.data = page:user_toggles_pagetoggles
   value = Base pagetoggles is true<br />

This will return true if any boxes are checked.

   if.isTrue.data = page:user_toggles_pagetoggles.1
   if.isTrue.data = page:user_toggles_pagetoggles:1
   if.isTrue.data = page:user_toggles_pagetoggles[1]

This type of notation doesn't seem to reference a single element.

I looked in tsref but was unable to find any details on this.

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