[TYPO3] menu and submenu not getting along

LarryB l34028836 at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 21 12:09:22 CEST 2006


I'm looking for something like this:

But instead it's showing up like this:

Which is kind of silly, by any navigational standard...

Anyway, this was during a run through TemplaVoila. Advice on how to fix 
it would be very, very welcome. I'm attaching, as a postscript, the 
template setup code, perhaps therein lies the problem?



## Menu [Begin]
lib.subMenu = HMENU
lib.subMenu.entryLevel = 1

lib.subMenu.1 = TMENU
lib.subMenu.1.NO {
	allWrap = <span class="submenu"><img 
src="fileadmin/templates/gfx/dot.gif" width="14" height="1" 
border="0"><img src="fileadmin/templates/gfx/menu_arrow_small.gif" 
width="4" height="10" border="0"><img 
src="fileadmin/templates/gfx/dot.gif" width="4" height="1" 
## Menu [End]

## Menu [Begin]
lib.mainMenu = HMENU
lib.mainMenu.entryLevel = 0

lib.mainMenu.1 = TMENU
lib.mainMenu.1.NO {
	allWrap = <span class="topmenu"><img 
src="fileadmin/templates/gfx/dot.gif" width="5" height="1" 
border="0"><img src="fileadmin/templates/gfx/menu_arrow_big.gif" 
width="5" height="12" border="0"><img 
src="fileadmin/templates/gfx/dot.gif" width="5" height="1" 
## Menu [End]

config.spamProtectEmailAddresses = 1

page = PAGE
page.typeNum = 0
page.stylesheet = fileadmin/templates/style.css
page.10 = USER
page.10.userFunc = tx_templavoila_pi1->main_page

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