[TYPO3] the wonders of Babelfish!

dave ashton dave at bassmedia.net
Thu Jul 20 12:32:16 CEST 2006

Great idea!!!!!
If I want to learn how to drink and get the best vodka, do I have to learn
Russian first.........duh!!!


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> Hey,
> tell me... are there any tutorials in german that aren't translated in 
> english (or _from_ english)?
> This would be "wow" for me too :-)

I think Dave reffers to a lot of websites in german. Thats because of the
majority of typo3-users reside in germany. 
At least you can get this impression from http://www.frappr.com/typo3 :-)

my proposal: 
if you want to learn typoscript, first learn german. ;->

so german may be more extensive than typoscript, it is a natural language
with some identical roots than english.

Then you get full access to all these tutorials and helps about typoscript.

And be glad germany is bigger (more speakers) than denmark. ;-) 

Bernd (native german) :-)
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