[TYPO3] Direct Mail not sending mass email

klaus brinch klaus at hafnius.dk
Wed Jul 19 06:36:38 CEST 2006

Hi Chris

May i ask for the specific cronjob you are running to invoke the mailer 
engine?. i have tried to get this job running many times, as have alot 
of others but i have never made it.

kind regards
Klaus Brinch

Chris Paige skrev:
> Tan,
> Cronjob is not a Typo3 feature.  How to set it up will depend on your 
> server.  Some web hosts don't allow access to cronjobs.  I use cPanel 
> hosting and learned by putting the cron settings in through the cPanel 
> control panel.  Other server control panels may have similar features.   
> If you have shell access or dedicated server or whatever, you'll just 
> want to google cron, cronjob, crontab type keywords to learn how it 
> works in general.
> Chris

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