[TYPO3] Using SMTP-Server instead local sendmail with Typo3 mail functionality

Andre Dittmar typo3 at hotbytes.de
Tue Jul 18 15:50:47 CEST 2006

Hello list,

We running Typo3 (Version 3.81) on a server as a intranet application. The problem is, that we can't use the functionality of sendmail directly on the server running Typo3. Reason: The servers and clients of the network have no authorisation to send mails directly. They have to use a SMTP-server, which is reachable by an IP and needs no special authorisation by default.

My question is: how can we configure Typo3 (or the webserver) to handle this situation?

At the moment I've these solutions in my mind:
1. Find some kind of switch inside Typo3 to configure an external mailserver instead the local server.
2. Configure the intranet server that requests for sending mails will be automatically forwarded to the SMTP-server by using php.ini (and httpd.conf?).
3. Like 2., but using configuration of sendmail.

What I have tried so far:
1. Did a enquiry by google, search on typo3.org and german maillist for solutions to configure Typo3 -> no results so far.
2. Tried to configure php.ini:
[mail function]
SMTP = ... ;Added IP-Address of the SMTP-Server here
smtp_port = 25
3. Haven't tried yet. This solutions seems a bit oddly to myself, using sendmail to times. I guess that there must be a more "elegant" method to solve this problem...

Any comments to help or further methods of resolution would be appreciated!

Best regards,
Andre Dittmar

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