[TYPO3] ab_linklist not cached

Dominik Stankowski typo3 at stankowski.ch
Mon Jul 17 15:59:09 CEST 2006

Hi Joey

> Have a look at the TypoScript Setup of this extension.
> The default setup for both versions (CSS and table based) says:
> plugin.tx_ablinklist_pi1 = USER_INT
> which means: Caching is disabled for this plugin.

Ah, that was it. I was too fixed on the configuration in the php files
and forgot the TS setup in the "static" folder. Thank you very much for
this hint!

> This is a really ugly solution, since "allowCaching" would disable caching
> for the whole page and not just the plugin itself, when set to 0.
> A simple switch between USER and USER_INT (or maybe COA and COA_INT) based
> on "allowCaching" would have been the better approach.

Sure, that's true.


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