[TYPO3] TCDirect Mail Errors

Chris Paige chris at ready-set-go.biz
Mon Jul 17 14:20:34 CEST 2006

> Also when I try to send the email to a list of email, typo3 confirm to
> me that it has been sent to certain number of email, but the email never
> get through, could some please help ? I am using ver. 4.0 of typo3 and
> run under linux with safe mode turn on.

I don't know about the safe mode part... maybe write to Daniel directly if 
you don't hear here.

But do you have the cron job setup?  Test emails go immediately, but the 
actual send is scheduled -- even if just to run minute from now.  If the 
cronjob is not setup, then it will look "stuck."


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