[TYPO3] Extensions: Show related value instead of UID (using a database relation field)

Lars Dülfer larsduelfer at gmx.de
Mon Jul 17 12:55:05 CEST 2006

Hello all,

I created an extension with it's own database table. The table contains 
a field with field type "database relation".

I configured this field to be shown as the identifier in the list view 
of the backend. As this field contains a foreign key to another table, 
only the UID is shown and not the content of the assigend dataset of the 
  related table.

I already tried to configure something in the TCA but there it is only 
possible to assign a string value to the 'label' field like:. 
TCA->tx_my_entension->ctrl->label = 'columnName'.

Do you have an idea if and how it is possible to let the Typo3 backend 
show the related field and not the UID index value?

Thanks and Regards,

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