[TYPO3] newloginbox/cookie check

Chris Paige chris at ready-set-go.biz
Fri Jul 14 22:09:02 CEST 2006


I seem to have a lot of FE users who have cookies turned off and can't log 
in.  I want to give them instructions more specific than "Be sure cookies 
are enabled."  I want to test for cookies and tell them "Cookies are not 
enabled in your browser.  Please click here for instructions on how to..."

Anyhow, I can do all that.  And I may try to build a little extension to do 
this, but that would be silly if it already exists elsewhere...

I see this description of newloginbox...

>This is an alternative to the good old login box. This version features a 
>little more functionality, including
>success/error messages, **cookie check**, forgot password etc. A new 
>version of this extension featuring
>template support is available from CVS (emphasis added).

Is the functionality I describe above included in newloginbox?  I'm not sure 
what the "cookie check" does as I can't find any further evidence of it in 
documentation or operation of the extension.


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