[TYPO3] Few Questions about Typo3

prashant n massoo at 30gigs.com
Sat Jul 15 01:42:21 CEST 2006


I am evaluating the best possible Enterprise Content Management System - ECMS for my organzation and zeroed in on typo3 which has fantastic features.

Before i start the enterprise-wide implmentation of typo3 i have few questions. They are :

1) Is it possible for us to import various document formats like MS Word and PDF into typo3 which are of nature like product manuals which have interlinking content within the document and to the other documents in the same folder ?

2) As we are a product company, we have extensive designs designed in AutoCad, Cadstart which need to be reviewed. Is it possible for us to import them into typo3 ?

3) We have a centralized authentification server Redhat Directory Server which gives authorization credentials to all employees. Is it possible to use the above RHDS as a auth server for typo3 ?

4) Also we would be using this as an extensive ECMS to be used only in intranets ie, some content like product manuals may be published to customers. but most of the content editing / review / etc will be for in-house use. Does  typo3 support editing like in-line / online editing like wiki based on the logged in user credentials ?

5) is it possible to give fine grained user level security for a page / folder ?

6) Is it possible to visualize the workflow ?

7) what is the learning curve involved for a typo3 ECMS user ?

Please guide me on these aspects ...

Thanks & Regards
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