[TYPO3] Typo3 vs other CMSs

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Thu Jul 13 02:56:57 CEST 2006

On Tue, 11 Jul 2006 18:32:13 +0200, Christoph Herrmann wrote
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> Hi all,
> I would like some opinions/feedback on the advantages Typo3 has over 
> other CMSs.
> 1 hour against 42 hours and I'm pretty much at the same stage!!!
> So, to go through all this pain typo3 must have some serious advantages 
> over other CMSs. And I want the time I spent to be of use and continue 
> using Typo3 (and not just that I'm a more knowledgeable person now :)). 
> So: When and why should I use Typo3 and not any of the other CMSs? What 
> makes it more powerful? Why does everyone stick around when there are 
> seeminhly easier options available? Which clients should I develop a 
> Typo3 based website for and which should I use other systems for?

Let's change subject ;-)

Imagine you want to travel from A to B.

Depending on the distance between A and B there are different possibilities
to travel.

A to B < 20m		by feet
A to B < 2km		bicycle
A to B < 200km		car
A to B > 200km		plane

these are some suggestions
and there are other possibilities, depending on distance and surface:
	- inline skates
	- underground
	- motorbike
	- train
	- ferry
	- submarine
	- ship
	- helicopter
	- rocket/spaceship

one of the most flexibel could be the helicopter. But learning to fly a
helicopter may take some time.

If you can fly it and have one you can easily travel to a lot of places.

Of course a heli is useless to 'travel' from bed to kitchen (to get some
morning-coffee). And for most people it's easier to go by car (even larger
distances) than to learn to fly. It always depends on your needs and your
skills (and your money).

oh, for the insiders: I forgot to mention the tank :-)


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