[TYPO3] How to store configuration for BE-Module?

JoH info at cybercraft.de
Thu Jul 13 02:37:44 CEST 2006

> I want to build a BE-Module, where an admin can configure some data.
> These data should be used in the BE-Module by non-admin BE-editors.
> non-admin editors should be able to create pages with a given
> configuration. these Pages should have a given parent-page.
> An admin should be able to configure which page is this parent-page.
> Building a form is easy, access to admin only too.
> But where should I store these data?
> I found the file conf.php and the variable $MCONF[], but storing
> values in this file would require to read it line by line and
> replace/insert modified/new values.
> Or are there some methods/functions I have overseen?

Create a BE group and make sure that all non-admiin editors belong to this
You could use the TSconfig field of this group record to get predefined
values for the module, modify them and write them back.
(or maybe you just write the values manually while editing the group record
without having to use the module for this purpose)


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