[TYPO3] SPAM-LOW: Re: Typo3 vs other CMSs

Ryan Off ryan at ryanoff.com
Wed Jul 12 22:55:57 CEST 2006


>>> Most of these modules should all be a standard part of any CMS core
>>> functionality.
>> I do not use most from your list and I am happy they are not in  
>> the core :)
> I agree - I don't want most of these in any core as I don't use  
> most of
> them. So why have them?

I think many websites tend to have the following somewhere in their  
site: front end users, some sort of way to display many photos, a  
news engine, a newsletter engine. Why not make a downloadable version  
of Typo3 that includes these and the corresponding page structure  
right out of the box?

>>> And most importantly, my least favorite part of Typo3, TEMPLATES!  
>>> Why
>>> does Typo3 not have a gallery on the web where you can view  
>>> templates
>>> and in one or two clicks have them apply to your installation?!!
>> Great! Create one! Why did not you do it? :)
> again how is this ahrd - create html/css and put some marks in it?

I have created a few (5-6) small sites based on Typo3 for small  
businesses, non-profits, and clubs. For many of them, I do not need a  
custom made theme/template for the site, but I do need it to look  
professional and stylish. It would be great if I could browse through  
(or have my client) and select the one they feel fits their business.

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