[TYPO3] Typo3 version 4 with tiny rte extension problem

Tim Loenders tloenders at gmail.com
Sun Jul 9 13:49:19 CEST 2006


After trying around with other rte editors without succes I tried to install
the tiny rte extension on Typo3 release 4.0 which first seemed working
rather well; now I have two problems with it, which I can't find a solution

1. When i try to apply a H1 on some text it shows perfectly well in the rte
edit zone in the back-end, but in the front end it applies a different
style; I have set the Styles setting of the tiny rte config, asked on
installation, to a custom location
"fileadmin/templates/styles/rte/styles.css". it seems like some different
(and to me unknown) style interferes somewhere.

2. When I apply a link it shows also well in the rte (although also with a
somewhere else defined style), but when i see the front-end I see the link
label with the word array attached before it. There is no link activity on
mouseover. e.g. link = go here , then it shows -> Arraygo here

I am getting a bit confused in the rte set-up now. is there maybe some
advice on which rte can be best installed for version 4.0? the original rte
doesn't show when i install it and the htmlarea rte  doesn't apply any style
at all on the front-end. I uninstalled both and now use tiny rte.

All help is greatly appreciated!

With my best regards,

Tim Loenders

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