[TYPO3] "Survey": are you using TYPO3 workspaces?

Martin Kutschker Martin.Kutschker at n0spam-blackbox.net
Fri Jul 7 13:23:11 CEST 2006

christian reiter schrieb:
> 1.   It must also be possible for a fileadmin/ file that exists on Draft to
> be in a different version or  also totally nonexistent on Live, i.e. if the
> file is 'recalled' it must not be able to access it on live even in
> knowledge of the full URL.

You could use a versioned version of a "safe-downloads" extension, where 
the actual files are not simply served via the file system.

> In general, all files associated with the website (all pdfs, images but also
> all javascripts, CSS, HTML templates for extensions or content rendering)
> must be separable in Draft and Live.

The workspaces are meant for the content, not the layout. But you can of 
course version your TS templates. As there are no means for the WS-API to 
parse the TS content you have to use different versions of HTML-templates 
and resources (CSS, images) yourself.

I cannot think of technical means to achieve your requirements.

> 2. Continuity of anchor links and insert record elements must be given in
> all circumstances

I proposed to link against an "object id". The idea will be created when 
the record is created (could very well be the initial uid, but it doesn't 
really matter). This "object id" is shared by all versions of the object.

Now all link creating routines use the "object id" instead of the uid of 
the record. The rendering routines will have to select the correct uid of 
the "object id" based on the context (which workspace, which version).

I thinkt that this scheme could work, but upgrading an existing installaion 
may be hard or even impossible.


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