[TYPO3] Template troubles

Christoph Herrmann cherrmann at lemon-digital.com
Fri Jul 7 10:10:29 CEST 2006

Hi Cate, and everyone else,

thanks so much for your kind help, it is really very much appreciated!!

Indeed, I have made a lot of progress thanks to your support. I have 
read or at least skimmed through all the info and tuts vailable on the 
main site and I've managed to make a template and build a small sample site:


(Don't worry about the design, this is just the layout I used for my 
personal blog, ewhat matters here is funcionality :)) This is about 12 
hours work starting with Typo3 from scratch.

2 questions I have:

1) Naigation: Is there any way I can rip out submenus and place them 
elsewhere. For Example, on the page above, could I have the links to 
Information a, b and c in an horizontal menu across the top. In other 
words can I specify blocks in the hierachy and pplace them somewhere else?

2) I have now created this template. However it's a bit of a mess, lots 
of TypoScript. Is there any way I can now define this as one of the 
predefined templates, like "Business" and "Candidate" so that I can just 
choose this from the dropdown list instead of copying and pasting 
endless lines of TypoScript? If i prepare this for a customer I can't 
really expect him to be able to handle templates this way himself...

oh ... and a third question :)

3) When i was presented Typo3 by a friend I was sure that he was editing 
the pages themselves. Meaning: He was seeing the entire page in his 
viewport and directly edited the information in there (text, images 
etc). Is this a plugin? I do not mean just clicking "view", I'm sure it 
looked different, basically like a wysiwyg editor built into Typo3.

Many thanks again to all who have helped me. You can be sure I'll be 
back for more.  I have a feeling I can accomplish many things with Typo3 
but that I will need to ask a lot of questions to get there :)

It is definitely a lot less accessible than any other platfrom I have 
ever used, like WordPress or MovableType, PhpBB and other template 
driven  platforms.



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