[TYPO3] Template troubles

Christoph Herrmann cherrmann at lemon-digital.com
Thu Jul 6 21:56:27 CEST 2006

Hi all,

I got to using templates now, obviously again with very little success. 
I'be gone through ght etutorials.

1) The first requires the "automaketemplates" extension. When I connect 
to the repository this does not come up. Therefore I can't install and I 
can't go on with the tutorial. Very frustrating!

2) I would just like a little clear information. I have my template set 
up in fileadmin/template/main as per the tutorial. In my template setup, 
what line(s) of code do I have to use for the system to use all of my 
template, including headers and everything. I use:

# Template content object:

temp.mainTemplate = TEMPLATE

temp.mainTemplate {

  template = FILE

  template.file = fileadmin/template/main/template_1.html

  workOnSubpart = DOCUMENT_BODY


  subparts.INSIDE_HEADER.value = HELLO WORLD!


That's how far I got in the tutorial. All it ever does is print "Hello World" disregarding all the rest of template_1.html completely.

What do I have to do to make it use my template? I cannot find any precise information anywhere. All I want is the basic set of code. And the basic set of tags I can use like:

<!-- ###DOCUMENT_BODY### -->
<!-- ###INSIDE_HEADER### -->


Where can I find a list of these tags and the basic lines of code which will then popolate these tags using my templates?

Thanks very much for any help, I'm growing slightly frustrated here. I'm sure it's dead easy, I just can't find the basic information!!

Cheers :)


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