[TYPO3] Template troubles

Cate & Peter catepeter at optusnet.com.au
Fri Jul 7 07:33:29 CEST 2006

>I got to using templates now, obviously again with very little success. 
>I'be gone through ght etutorials.


>1) The first requires the "automaketemplates" extension. When I connect 
>to the repository this does not come up. Therefore I can't install and I 
>can't go on with the tutorial. Very frustrating!

Many people are having troubles connecting through Typo3 to the repository.
Myself, I don't bother - I just go to typo3.org, to the extensions part,
find the extension I want, download the file to my local machine (from under
details), then upload to the server. It sounds like a pain, but isn't
really. Saves the hassle of the other problems.

>2) I would just like a little clear information. I have my template set 
>up in fileadmin/template/main as per the tutorial. In my template setup, 
>what line(s) of code do I have to use for the system to use all of my 
>template, including headers and everything. I use:...

>What do I have to do to make it use my template? I cannot find any precise
>information anywhere. All I want is the basic set of code. And the basic
set of tags I >can use like:

><!-- ###DOCUMENT_BODY### -->
><!-- ###INSIDE_HEADER### -->

Unfortunately this information isn't laid out in a straight forward manner
anywhere that I have found.

My understanding is (and I may be wrong, in which case I will appreciate any
help that anyone else offers too :) ) that these "tags" as you have called
them, are really not tags (in that, I don't think they have any inherent
value of their own - unless they are included in what are called "hooks"??
Someone clarify please?) ... they are just signposts to where you want
dynamic content to appear.

>Thanks very much for any help, I'm growing slightly frustrated here. I'm
sure it's >dead easy, I just can't find the basic information!!

:) Unfortunately, I would suggest that you get comfortable with this feeling
... it is likely to stay with you for quite some time :) The most common
difficulty with Typo3 is finding documentation - there is lots and lots of
it, but it is everywhere :) hence my decision to offer my services in this
are as a way of "paying" for the use of the CMS :)

I can recommend the McUniverse sample template files
http://www.mcuniverse.com/T3_Template_Basics.847.0.html ... and you can read
my adventures on my blog if you are interested ... email me offline and I
will email the url. It sort of narrates my experiences with typo3 to date,
including what works and what doesn't.

On the positive side, you seem to be making quite good progress already, so
Im sure it wont be long until you are far more expert than me ... and I have
been going for about 5 months now :)


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