[TYPO3] SPAM-LOW: Re: Install problems

Cate & Peter catepeter at optusnet.com.au
Thu Jul 6 16:42:21 CEST 2006

Hi Christoff

>>bad start, as expected :)

Welcome to the life of a T3 newbie :) ... I will see if I can remember
things, Im not so much further along the road than you...

>>Cannot find tslib/. Please set path by defining $configured_tslib_path 
>>in index.php.
>>No surprise really, there is no tslib anywhere in the package.

No ... I seem to remember just having to create this folder to start with...
unfortunately cant remember exactly what I did, but I believe I just created
the folder, then things started to work out...

>Still bugs me though, I like to get things to work! 


>And it's version 
>3.8, not 4.

Yeah, that's probably not a huge issue. *Most* "new" things work with 3.8
fairly easily... and backwards compatibility is reasonable.

>Now I'll start playing around with this. here would i find good resource 
>on using templates.

There are 2 ways in T3 - by inserting specific code into the html template,
and then configuring those in the Typoscript template (which is what
processes everything into php, I believe); for this way, choose the "Modern
Template Building" tutorials (there are three)

Alternatively, you can design the html, then using an extension called
Templavoila, you can map different dynamic elements to different html tags,
and configure those mappings within the typoscript template. For this way
there is the Templavoila manual, and "Futuristic Template Building"

I went the Templavoila route, and its not bad, but I think its not a huge
advantage over the other way, if you have an idea of what you are doing, and
like very fine control.

> I would like to write the templates myself in XHTML 
>and then have typo3 use them,

Yeah, you really need to, in order to have half decent design ... the
templates included are basic.

> I understand this is possible, but I'm 
>sure I'll need to do quite a bit of reading!

Again, welcome to a T3 world :) Both template tutorials are worth reading
through .. both modern template, and futuristic template. "Inside Typo3" is
a good read, and "Typoscript by example".

Good luck ... get ready to put your thinking cap on :)


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