[TYPO3] documentation in general

Cate & Peter catepeter at optusnet.com.au
Mon Jul 3 13:01:57 CEST 2006


>Some documentation also is aimed at the developer, rather thn the end user.
>If someone wants to use an extension, then simply show them, rather than
>gonig into major detail on typoscript configurations. Sure this should also
>be available, but seperately. I was quite bamboozled by some of the docs,
>when all i wanted to do was something really simple

This was/is a core reason that I continue to be bamboozled by Typo3

Anything that looks remotely like code causes my eyes to glaze until I
actually need to know how to write it up ... usually my first read is "how
well documented is this, do they explain how to get it working on the back
end AND how to configure it for front end use (or for computer illiterates),
and how well does it suit my needs". Only if it passes those tests do I look

Unfortunately it can take several days to find information that answers
those questions if extension authors haven't written sufficient
documentation, or managed to write coherently.

Now, we all have different talents ... mine is not coding, it is writing. So
maybe if you are an extension developer and you know that you aren't so
crash hot at documentation for newer users, or you cant be bothered, why not
put a request out to the list? As reasonably intelligent newbie, someone
like me is perfect for writing documentation - I should be able to remember
all the things that are not intuitive for me, and write something
sufficiently so others will be able to understand.

In fact I might just start a new thread inviting others who are interested
in partnering with extension coders to fix this problem... 


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