[TYPO3] Text Content Objects - Text Align "Center"

Jessica Allen jessica at joots.com
Sat Jul 1 02:06:17 CEST 2006


I'm running TYPO3 v4 and some of the BE content editors are having a 
problem centering (and Right-Justifying) the text in the content 

Using the Rich Text Editor, they are simply highlighting a paragraph of 
text and selecting Paragraph: "<Justify Center>" from the drop down 
menu. This will center the text in the RTE, but after saving the 
change, the changes to not appear on the page.

The same is true for "<Justify Right>".

There is also an "Align:" drop down box underneath the text area with 
has the same (lack of) results.

Has anyone encountered this issue? I realize that it would easy to work 
around the problem by making an HTML Content Element, but most of the 
BE editors are not tech-savvy, and only use the Text / Image Elements.

Best Regards,

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