[TYPO3] htmlArea RTE - inserting an <hr> causes all text to b e center ali gned

Jody Cleveland Cleveland at winnefox.org
Mon Feb 27 20:18:11 CET 2006

> What happens in the CODE on pages with this problem? Typo3/RTE just
> make HTML code, so that should be the first thing you look at for a
> problem like this.

Here's the source code of the content:

<p class="bodytext">Sed enim dolor, molestie aliquet, faucibus vel,
elementum posuere, felis. Sed faucibus, lacus eu interdum feugiat, wisi
leo vulputate lectus, ut ullamcorper nisl nisl placerat tellus. Sed
justo libero, blandit nec, eleifend vitae, adipiscing vel, orci. Sed
libero tortor, luctus in, molestie id, ultrices at, nibh. Sed lorem
tellus, rutrum sit amet, tristique eget, eleifend blandit, wisi.
<p class="bodytext"><hr><p></p> <p>&nbsp;This is a test for
alignment.</p> </p>

Any text I put after the hr ends up being center aligned. Unless, I
specifically highlight the text afterwards and force it to left align.

- jody

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