[TYPO3] Why is my pages blank after MySql dump'n'move?

Hasse Feldthaus hasse at ebisu.dk
Mon Feb 27 17:47:13 CET 2006

Hi again...

I have now found the solution. For some reason I did not have reading
filepermissons on my HTML template, so whatever I tried to insert into the
HTML template went oblivion instead. :)

(-:H at zze

P.S. I have another question (of course), but I better start a new thread on
that one. ;)

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Hi there...


I have made a Typo3 site on one server, and now I have to export it to
another server. I have dumped the DB, and moved it to the new server.
Apparently Something IS working, because my whole site treestructure,
TypoScripts and cObjects looks exactly like on the old server (when viewed
in the admin module), and I can see new PAGE elements I make in the
TypoScript Template (under other typeNum's) ... but when I try to see the
frontend, only a blank page is showing. It seems like some of the typoscript
is executed though. The HTML header contains something I have made, but when
it comes to content (and my HTML template) nothing is showing at all :-(

I don't get anything when I try to access my cObjects even though they
appear in the admin page view :-/


Does anyone have any clue what I'm up against here, or do I have to bugfix
every single TypoScript line? :-(

Shouldn't it be enough to export the DB, or do I have to set some obscure
(environmental) variables I have missed too?


)-:H at zze

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