[TYPO3] Full Backup on beta3

Franz Holzinger franz at fholzinger.com
Mon Feb 27 16:44:39 CET 2006

Hello Andreas,
> FH> as far as I know, bull backup only works on a LINUX/UNIX machine. So
> FH> its time to install LINUX now.
> I was just testing possibilities.  In any case I prefer to stick to
> normal procedures, that is phpMyAdmin and traditional backup/restore.
> However, I have a problem.  I´m testing T3 on my windows local machine
> and also installed T3 on a Linux server.  I tried to upload the backup
> from my local machine to the server.  No problem, but all umlauts,
> accents and stuff like that are messed up.  "Rökk" appears as "RĶkk"
> and "España" as "Espaıa".
> I'm pretending to develope the site in my local machine and then upload
> the database to the server but it seems to be very tricky.
you just need the LINUX editor Kate or the Windows Textpad to convert
the files into another coding e.g. UTF8.
You have to convert the characters in the exported sql file before you
import it again.


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