[TYPO3] Unable to get the correct register: value!

Surer Dink surerlistmail at gmail.com
Sun Feb 26 02:26:35 CET 2006

  Please pardon my ignorance - but I do not know what Templa1Voila
template is or where to find it.  The only template I can think of
(other than the one that contains the code in question) is the
templavoila TO Template, I looked through it in typo3 UI, but can not
find any place to put TypoScript...

On 2/25/06, Peter Klein <peter at umloud.dk> wrote:
> If you are using TV, you can try adding something like:
> At the bottom of the TypoScript of your Templa1Voila template.
> ---
> Peter Klein /Umloud Untd.
> "Surer Dink" <surerlistmail at gmail.com> wrote in message
> news:mailman.4410.1140907469.3122.typo3-english at lists.netfielders.de...
> Peter,
>   I can assure you the menu code works and properly displays either
> two or three menus on screen, depending on how many levels are there
> (lib.menus.30.2 is not always visible).  Modifying the line:
>   cObject.dataWrap = 100/{register:myCounter}
> to read
>   cObject.dataWrap = 100/{register:counter_menuItems}
> rseults in a computed value in the header, however naturally the count
> is taken from the wrong menu.
>   This suggests to me that I am hitting either a bug or a feature of
> templavoila - since you do not appear to be using it and are getting
> the expected results.  It is evident that the LOAD_REGISTER construct
> is not worknig as you expect it to.  This far, this experience has
> driven me up the wall - since it's now 3 days and I still do not have
> such a simple thing working.  (and you, amongst others, have
> explicitly told me that the code I am showing is correct.)  Do you
> have any suggestions for how I can proceed?  Is templavoila a piece of
> crap and should I dump it now before it causes me more headache?  Or
> am I just an idiot and using it wrong?
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